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I have been so blessed throughout my life, but my biggest blessings have come in the tiniest and most precious little packages. They are challenging and quirky, sweet and sassy, loud and hyper and they are ALL mine, every inch of them. It is true that you may know love before having children, but this… this is a whole new level of love! I never knew i could love someone this much and through it all.

Little J is 4. He is my blue eyed mr. quirky pants, likes things done a certain way and hates change. A huge mummy’s boy who will do anything to make me smile. He is smart and chatty, his brain stores all sorts of strange information and he is often obsessed with a certain subject. Right now? Spelling… He reads and spells everything. Raising little J has been a bit of a challenge but he is more than worth it!


This is miss E. My brown eyed miss giggles. She is a super happy baby who always has a smile for everyone! She enjoys Mickey mouse and eating grass as well as staring at her big brother. Pretty and sweet, she is the tiny bundle of giggles I always dreamed of.


Cute, right? I like to think so 🙂


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Back on the horse

Have you ever spent a whole day moving, taking care of children, running and cleaning after them, cooking, teaching, shopping, helping, washing,  just to get to the end of the day and feel you just didn’t do enough, that somehow you should… could have done more? I feel like that more often than I would like so I thought perhaps it was time to re-join the blogging world! Maybe by documenting our days and life as a family I will go easier on myself and not be so critical. Worth a shot right?

I hope so.