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Teacher Gift

Little J goes to junior preschool at the same church we attend. This year has been rough on all of us, but thanks to the patience and kindness of both his teachers he has pushed through his struggles and even though he is still shut down he is more willing to be a part of the class. They have done so much for him I couldn’t just ignore Teacher Appreciation week and whipped these together for them.


Super Easy! Just buy a potted plant of your liking, print out the tag and tape it to a pencil! I then had little J write his name and taped it underneath. DONE! and it was a hit 🙂

Here is the tag I made in case anyone needs it:


(Created using: Grade school by K. Aagard)

Just print in whatever size you need for your plant.



Miss E’s hemangioma

Miss E was born on september 7th, after a discouraging labor that turned around very quickly. She had no marks. So different from my swollen, bruised baby boy…


When she was a couple of weeks old I started noticing a reddish bruised spot on her eyelid. I thought maybe she scratched herself. I didn’t give it much thought, but a couple of weeks later, it was still there and it started growing slightly, making it so her eyelid looked a little droopy.



It was diagnosed as a Cavernous or ‘Deep’ Hemangioma when she was 3 months old. A hemangioma is a benign tumor composed of blood vessels. It is purely cosmetic in most cases and not a cause for alarm unless it is obstructing airways or located on or by the eyes, like miss E’s. On the eyelid it can permanently damage a baby’s developing cornea and eyesight, and in more serious cases cause blindness. We have been to the optometrist and as of right now it isn’t putting pressure on her cornea and shouldn’t damage her sight, however this is something we have to watch and recheck every couple of months. Hemangiomas can grow at an alarming rate.

Somedays you can’t tell unless you know, others it is more obvious, but one thing I know! She is perfect in every way!