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DIY Princess Leia toddler costume

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One week until Halloween! WOOHOO! Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween? Growing up in Portugal we didn’t have Halloween or trick or treating. When we moved to England it was just magical to me. I never imagined Trick or treating could be so much fun! Now here in the US it is a whole new world! People go all out with treats, decorations and costumes, I love it!

This year Big J had his mind set on the Star Wars theme. I was ok with that, after all he does deserve a say every once in a while, right? 😉 So I started looking for costumes immediately… We knew little J would be Luke Skywalker and miss E, Princess Leia, however… after looking at several costumes, I just wasnt convinced that miss E would leave the head piece on… she is ok with hats, but the head pieces on store bought costumes looked a little heavy and uncomfortable. I made up my mind right there and then, I would make her costume this year! It looks easy enough.

I started off with the hair piece. Since Indiana winters tend to be chilly I went with a crochet hat to keep miss E’s little melon warm. I started off with a normal beanie pattern in my favorite stitch (hdc). Then braided several strands of the same yarn, I am unsure of how long the strands were as it took a couple of tries to get them right. It will depend on the size of your baby/child’s head. Attach one on each side and voila! Perfect!


Princess Leia’s dress looks like a white turtleneck dress, so all I did was buy a cheap turtleneck shirt that was a few sizes too big and cut the sleeves to fit… no hemming needed but if you are feeling extra crafty go right ahead and hem those sleeves 🙂 A child size medium was perfect for miss E.

The belt… all it is is white felt and grey shapes cut up and glued on it. In the back I put some velcro.

Here is the whole costume on her:


Adorable right? How can something so easy turn out so cute?


And the hat stays on! She has no issues with it…


May the force (and candy) be with you!


Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

One thought on “DIY Princess Leia toddler costume

  1. Would love to buy a Princess Leia costume from you!

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