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Cloud Dough Heaven

Ahhhhhhh cloud dough… It is so messy but so much fun! Bonus points for being easy to clean up, just run the vacuum over the mess and you are done!

For those who haven’t heard of cloud dough, it is a mixture of flour and baby oil (4 cups of flour to 1/2 cup of baby oil) , creating a fine powder that is easy to mold (and smells great).


I have made some before for Little J, but since Little Miss E has started moving I had not brought it out to play, afraid she would just eat hands full of it. Well I decided to try yesterday as part of our sensory activity and it went wonderfully, everyone played, laughed and had fun! And Little Miss E only ate a little 😉



Oh the laughs we had!

DSC_0146 DSC_0161

Little J loves the way it feels and smells. He enjoys running his fingers through it and creating. Wonderful to help boost his imagination!


The mess is surely worth it for the memories 🙂


Now go make some, I promise it will be fun 🙂


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Valentines day card

Valentines day is almost here! Another excuse to take photos wooohooo (ok, really I don’t need an excuse).

A couple of days ago little miss E helped me test out my props for the official photos. She did so well, such a sweet little model (at least when I bribe her with a sucker hehe)…

I made this simple card while playing around with her photos, my mum loves this type of thing


Here is one for you 🙂 Just add a photo and print!


Until next time 😀