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Hearts, fractions, coins and cars

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We were back to our usual schedule today… hooray! Little J was much calmer and relaxed, which made the day go by faster and without major frustrations.

We played a lot, cleaned a little and talked some. Little J has grown very fond of Roman numbers and enjoys talking about them and finding them everywhere. He seems to know them up to at least 20.

This morning we started off with a little fraction work, I got him to color some fractions, which is not an easy feat, while Little Miss E stamped hearts using a toilet paper roll. She absolutely loved this activity. I believe she will be my little crafter 😉


What a beautiful job


Little J loves it when I draw his little sheets… He gets to tell me how my drawings are ‘not very good’ and that I am not a very good ‘drawer’ 🙂


In the afternoon we played ‘Park the car’. I had seen a version of this game with sight words but decided to modify it a little to our needs. Much like the Hungry spider game, it can be easily modified to cover whichever subject you need. We went with math:


The idea was simple enough. I called out a number and he had to find the correct spot to park a car. It was a hit! He loved doing math without having to write the results down. I am looking forward to playing it again using different subjects.


Little Miss E got to work on her fine motor skills while we played, putting coins in her piggy bank 🙂


Thanks for reading 🙂

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One thought on “Hearts, fractions, coins and cars

  1. Haha, “You’re not a very good drawer.” Totally awesome :). Loved the hearts!

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