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Happy 18 months!!!

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Has it really been that long? Is she really closer to 2 than she is to 1? Hard to believe!

Today we celebrated 18 months of our sweet Little Miss E. She is growing everyday,  getting funnier, more independent (and dramatic!!!). Little miss E still loves books and asks to read all the time. She loves board books and paper books, big and small, books are her favorite! She also loves food, any kind! Her favorites are mac and cheese, grapes, apple sauce pouches, yogurt and raspberries. She loves to color. She adores Minnie Mouse and Yo gabba gabba. She is getting her own little personality and it is just amazing to watch.

We celebrated her ‘Half Birthday’ with half a cake of course 🙂 We love cake!


Little Miss E loved her cake… She dropped her spoon and attacked it with both her hands! 🙂


Happy 18 months my sweet Princess! Everyday I thank the Lord for trusting me to care for you, every hair pulling moment I remind myself of what an important job I have.

I pray for your happiness always. We love you…



Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

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