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Before I was a parent…

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Before I was a parent, I had all the answers. I knew all the tricks to make a picky child eat. I knew how I would one day set boundaries and how children were supposed to behave in public.

Before I was a parent I was patient and kind. I never lost my cool.

Before I was a parent I knew everything about schedules and I was never late.

Before I was a parent I had the most perfect parenting plans in mind. I knew how well adjusted and perfect my children would be!

Before I was a parent I read about nutrition and knew exactly what I would and would not feed my children.

Before I was a parent I knew what it took to get children to do chores and was horrified when someone mentioned that not everything was by the books. After all, all it took was a stern technique and patience!

Before I had any children I was a wonderful parent.


I never realized that every child is a person. They have likes and dislikes, they have personalities and wonderful thoughts! I thought I would be doing all the teaching.

Before I was a parent I completely underestimated how exhausting parenting would be… Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally… I never thought about how hard it would be to discipline someone you love so much or how tough it would be to watch them struggle with anything yet sit back and give them a chance to learn.

Before I was a parent I knew I would love my children, but I never predicted just how deeply. I knew they would make me proud but I never thought I would be overwhelmed with pride every time they achieved something.

Before I was a parent I never over thought decisions.

And I had time for myself.

But I felt empty without even knowing it.

I would not trade the mess, the cries, the snot filled noses.

I would never trade the toothpaste all over the sink.

The laundry piled up high.



Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

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