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I don’t do compliments.

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Quite literally.

It’s like everyone attended this compliment seminar while I was out sick and I just never caught on.

I don’t remember ever knowing how to respond to a compliment, instead I giggle uncomfortably and find about 10 negatives about whatever it is that was complimented in the first place. I am very good at this.

The other day my older neighbor, Miss J, told me: ‘You are a good mom!’. That was it. I immediately started rambling about how bad I was and how I had no patience and yelled sometimes. By the time I was able to stop myself from saying anymore, I was telling her how bad my laundry skills were and how my kids rarely wear matching socks because I can’t find the time to match them.  Why? Why did I immediately attack myself when  a simple thanks would have sufficed?

I don’t understand why I put myself down so loudly and proudly, but lately I have noticed it more and have tried to come up with a plan to not be my own worst enemy.

So far I have nothing, but I am not giving up just yet.


Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

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