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When Little J started occupational and play therapy I was skeptical to say the least. I didn’t think paying someone to spend time with him was the answer. Big J was right there with me! So we went, against our judgement. When the first bill arrived I was in tears. However as the months went on I started seeing a change in little J. He seemed more comfortable around us, more engaged, he stopped throwing punches when we tried to comfort him after getting hurt or headbutting when we went in for a hug. He started talking and sharing some of his thoughts. One time he even said ‘Mama, watch this’ while he was playing Guitar hero… for the first time he was seeking me… He started asking questions and having actual conversations instead of parroting or quoting movies/shows…   it was nothing short of amazing!


I learned new techniques also, new ways to get his attention and to avoid a total sensory overload. I learned to think outside of the box and homeschooling got a little easier as he started opening up some. It is like a door was cracked open in his brain and every once in a while  we got a glimpse of the way his brain works… and how much he knows. He has started reading out loud every once in a while (and boy does he read well!). He has shared with us that he knows roman numerals, several European countries (we knew he knew the states but never thought he knew so many countries) and what language is spoken in each. We found out he knows fractions, percentages and how to multiply and divide. All these things that he has picked up by himself and we had no idea.


We continue to work daily on his sensory issues and social skills. He has started finger painting and while he still doesn’t enjoy having his hands dirty, he is tolerating it for a short amount of time. Unfortunately I have not seen improvement in his need for routine or his issue with food textures (seriously, his #1 food are saltine crackers and from then it is hit or miss), but I am much more hopeful for the future! I now believe that maybe there will be more giggles than meltdowns… that regardless of what others say, we’ve got this and we can do this… together!

Rock on buddy, you are awesome!


Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

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