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Halloween, ASD and Doctor who

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It is that time of the year again… the time many parents like me dread… Halloween! Little J has a hard time with Halloween… Dressing up isn’t something he enjoys and pretending doesn’t come naturally to him. That on top of his sensory issues makes for a sometimes rough night. Last year he hated the feel of the costume and the fact that it touched his wrists, so while he enjoyed that we were wearing ‘Star wars clothes’ as he called them, there was a lot of hyperventilating and grunting. This year as I asked him what he wanted to dress up as (fully expecting him to not want to dress up) he immediately said ‘The 11th doctor!! And Little Miss E could be the tardis’. As a Dr. Who fan myself I knew exactly what he meant ( and I was a little proud).


So I started working on gathering the necessary items. A lot of them he already had. The shirt, the black skinny jeans, the shoes, those were easy. The suspenders and bowtie I purchased on ebay. And I was left with the quest of finding a coat. I looked everywhere I could find and nothing… There were no tweed jackets for children at all! So I bought an adult one (thrift stores have tons) for a couple of dollars, washed, dried and cut down to fit him. It is far from perfect but it will work and he is thrilled! Hopefully (thanks to the doctor) trick or treating will go wonderfully.DSC_0430


Then I focused on Little Miss E. My first thought was a painted cardboard box, but I know she would be miserable, not able to move as her toddler self enjoys. So I went a different way with it. She loves hats and tutus so why not work with what she likes? So I did.


Together they are The doctor and the Tardis đŸ™‚



Be safe this Halloween!


Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

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