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Homeschooling – Doctor who style


As I have mentioned before, Little J’s current obsession is the Doctor. We talk about the Doctor all day and he enjoys re enacting scenes from the show. As a homeschooling mother to a child like him I do my best to engage him in any way I can, especially with subjects he doesn’t enjoy. So I thought to myself ‘What better way to do so than to use the one thing he can’t stop thinking about to help him with one of things he dislikes the most?’ I  looked online but struggled to find anything so I worked on my own ideas. Sentence makers.

I wrote down characters, items and places from the show and had him cut them out and glue them in the right spot. Little J is not a fan of cutting, it is hard for him to cut straight lines and he can get frustrated, but he focused and cut them out as carefully as he could.




He kept saying ‘This is the coolest work I have ever done’.

After he was done gluing I gave him another task. To make a sentence using some of the words he had preciously cut out. Making up sentences has been a struggle, but this time he was all over it and even used one word from each category.


That is pride, right there 🙂 He even colored my little Dalek!


And why not some math problems too while we are at it?


In the end Little J said this was his favorite ‘school’ day ever! Huge success!

Once again, thank you Doctor!


Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling – Doctor who style

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  2. Love this idea! Kudos to you, Mom!

  3. awesome thank you so mich

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