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Minion inspired scarf – a crochet pattern for you

Recently I was asked to make scarves to match the minion hats I had crocheted before Christmas. I had never made a scarf before but I can never turn down a challenge. I looked for inspiration and in the end they turned out ADORABLE! As in I-want-one-for-myself adorable! Each has their own little personality and they are just too cute for words! I would love to share how I made it with you all 🙂 I have  never written a pattern before, I struggle just FOLLOWING patterns, so bear with me 😉

So here’s what they look like


Materials I used:

5.5mm hook

Yellow, blue, black yarn for the scarf and white, brown and grey for the eyes/mouth. I used Red heart ‘with love’ yellow yarn, it is so soft, it is my favorite. The rest was Bernat brand.

yarn needle


And I can’t forget the ridiculous amount of coffee I consume while crocheting 😉

NOTE: These are child sized scarves, they measured about 7” by 48-50”. I am slightly over 5′ tall and they would have worked for me 🙂

How to:


Start with blue and chain 22

1: Double crochet on the second chain from hook and in every chain (20); turn

2-10: Double crochet accross

11:Switch to yellow and double crochet across

12-20:Double crochet accross

21: Switch to black and double crochet accross

22: Double crochet accross

23: Switch back to yellow and double crochet across

24-68: Double crochet across

69:Switch to black and double crochet across

70: double crochet across

71:Switch to yellow and double crochet across

72 to 80: Double crochet across

81: Switch to blue and double crochet across

82 to 90: Double crochet across and fasten off.

(please use your judgement as my math may be wrong)

OVERALLS (optional):

1: With blue yarn attach on the 5th blue stitch (look at the photo for reference)  and double crochet 12. Turn.

2: Double crochet 12 and chain 6 at the end. Sew on as show in the photo. With blue yarn chain 6 on the other side. attach as shown in the photo.


The eyes will depend on the size/whether you want 1 or 2

(with black yarn)

1: Make a magic ring and single crochet 6 in the circle. Join.

2:Switch to brown and do 2 double crochet in each single crochet. Join.

3: Switch to white and do 2 double crochet in each stitch. Join.

(if doing 1 big eye do another round with white, 1 double crochet in 1 stitch and 2 in the next all the way around)

4: Switch to grey and do 1 single crochet in each stitch. Join and fasten off.


1: Make a magic circle. (double crochet 2, chain 1) x6. Join and sew on a G (for Gru).

Now all you have to do is make a mouth (however you would like, I also made a smile), attach some black yarn for hair and sew on every piece where they belong.

You can give both sides the same expression or different ones, completely up to you 🙂

Hopefully this all made sense, please share any errors you may find so i can fix them or any concerns regarding this pattern.

Enjoy 🙂



Eyelid Hemangioma – My last update (hopefully)

I have updated before but our last optometrist appointment yielded such amazing news that I felt compelled to update again and bring hope to those in a similar situation.

Little Miss E developed a (deep) Hemangioma on her eyelid when she was a couple of weeks old. At first it looked like a bruise but shortly after it started growing and her eyelid started looking droopy.


Some days she struggled to open her little eye.Image

Optometrists and pediatricians gave us little options treatment wise, so we decided to wait it out. At this point e weren’t sure whether her eyesight would be affected.

As she grew it stopped growing and in time it started shrinking. It was what we had been praying for.



Her eyesight had been affected. There was no way of telling whether it would be restored once the hemangioma was gone, but as long as it was shrinking we were happy.


A couple of weeks ago we went back to the optometrist for a (much less traumatizing) appointment and her eyesight has been almost fully restored and the Hemangioma is almost gone! It is amazing how resilient little bodies are. So here’s our ‘no treatment’ update 🙂



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Tardis shirt DIY

When your child has uncommon likes it can be hard to find clothing to match. There are so many great Doctor Who tees out there, but finding them for children at a decent price is hard. Especially for a cheap-o like myself 😉

So I worked on some for him instead. In this post I will show you how I made it step by step, in case you would like to try 🙂

What you will need:



Freezer paper

Shirt (I found these at Meijer on clearance, but you can use shirts you already have, I have done it before)

Fabric paint and brush

Crafting knife or x-acto knife

Step 1:

Trace your image on the rougher side of the freezer paper. I picked a Tardis.


Step 2: Cut, cut, cut. Make sure you have a cutting board under the paper and keep all the pieces you will want to keep white (or whatever color your shirt is)


Step 3: Iron it on the shirt, smooth side down. It will stick. Iron every piece you will want to keep the same color.


Step 4: Paint. You may put a piece of paper inside the shirt to ensure no paint soaks through.


Step 5: Let dry for a few hours. I usually leave it to dry overnight.

Step 6: CAREFULLY peel the freezer paper off


Step 7: Make someone’s day 🙂


I have made several of these. You can paint anything, it is quick and easy.




Good luck, I hope this helps 🙂