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Eyelid Hemangioma – My last update (hopefully)


I have updated before but our last optometrist appointment yielded such amazing news that I felt compelled to update again and bring hope to those in a similar situation.

Little Miss E developed a (deep) Hemangioma on her eyelid when she was a couple of weeks old. At first it looked like a bruise but shortly after it started growing and her eyelid started looking droopy.


Some days she struggled to open her little eye.Image

Optometrists and pediatricians gave us little options treatment wise, so we decided to wait it out. At this point e weren’t sure whether her eyesight would be affected.

As she grew it stopped growing and in time it started shrinking. It was what we had been praying for.



Her eyesight had been affected. There was no way of telling whether it would be restored once the hemangioma was gone, but as long as it was shrinking we were happy.


A couple of weeks ago we went back to the optometrist for a (much less traumatizing) appointment and her eyesight has been almost fully restored and the Hemangioma is almost gone! It is amazing how resilient little bodies are. So here’s our ‘no treatment’ update 🙂




Author: ryckmania

I am a military wife & a mother of 2.

3 thoughts on “Eyelid Hemangioma – My last update (hopefully)

  1. Hola soy de Venezuela, mi bebe le acaban de diagnosticar esto, y estoy muy preocupada, en cuanto tiempo crecio el de su hija, y luego cuanto tardo en quitarsele, estaria muy agradecida si me ayuda

  2. I’m so happy your little girl fully restored. My daughter has it in her eye just similar like your girl. Your post makes me believe that my girl will recover soon. God bless you

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