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10 things I love about raising a child on the Spectrum

Raising a child on the Spectrum is a challenge. Most ‘parenting’ techniques we read about do not work and we ASD parents have to really think outside of the box. Some days nothing works. Yesterday was one of those days. The smallest changes in routine are sometimes the worst. Not being able to turn the TV off (because  I was watching something) immediately after his quiet time in his room had Little J on edge for the rest of the day. During one of his meltdowns, in an attempt to keep me focused and calm, I started jotting down some reasons why I love raising him just as he is, so here they are:

1. ‘Mama, look what I made!’ – While a lot of parents may find it annoying this is a huge sign of progress for us. Little J has started seeking us and sharing things with us. It is right now more of a routine but it makes me so happy.

2. His enormous attention to detail. Little details do not escape him ever!

3. His curious little mind! When he gets interested in something there is no stopping him. He is known for googling his answers, last weekend he googled ‘How Earthquakes happen’ and then carefully explained to me exactly how.

4. He will not judge you even if you are judging him. This is a big one.

5. How much happiness he gets out of his interests. Anything to do with his interests makes him so happy. A scribble of the Tardis on someone’s notebook will send him screeching and jumping up and down immediately. I wish I was that happy about ANYTHING.

6. How protective he is. He gets very worried about the ones he loves when they are sick or when they hurt, especially his sister.

7. His honesty. Kids are honest, we know that. A child on the Spectrum takes honesty to a whole other level.

8. His innocence. He is 6 years old on the outside, but on the inside he is much younger. While this sometimes makes life harder and brings on a lot of judgement I have learned to accept that he will be younger for longer. Maybe it will keep me young too 🙂

9. He goes at his own pace. He isn’t bothered that most kids his age can ride a bike, tie their shoes, play sports or successfully put their clothes on, he follows his own curve! And that is absolutely ok with him!

10.How much he loves. If he loves you, he REALLY TRULY loves you.


To wrap this up I will leave you with my FAVORITE Little J quote:

‘It’s ok to be different. Vincent Van Gogh was different and he was the most brilliant painter of all times.’

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2 and a half


It happened… I blinked again and my kids grew a little more. Little miss E is now 2 and a half. That means she is closer to 3 than she is to 2… YIKES!

At 2 and a half she is:



 This girl will do WHAT she wants WHEN she wants. There is no ‘Oh let me get that on video so I can show family’ in this house because she will not cooperate ever. And do not ask her if she is a princess or a pretty girl, even if she just said she was. She will deny it and claim she is a sheep, or a puppy or a monkey and then attempt to convince you with her sound effects.



So many ‘I love you’s and  ‘You’re my best friend’ making my heart melt. She is so very loving.



Do not be fooled, she is trouble! Lock your fridges and your toilets!



She enjoys digging in the boxes of next season’s clothes and trying everything on while saying ‘I’m a princess!’



But she will purposely count out of order or tell you the wrong letters if you ask her (refer to stubborn).



So very loved…


So yesterday we had our usual half cake as it is tradition.



And then I took some photos. Photographing a toddler is hard! Photographing a stubborn toddler even more so. Most of our photos turned out like this:


But I did get a keeper or 2 🙂


We love you more than you can comprehend little lady… Can’t imagine life without you sassy smile and contagious giggles.