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A look back – First birthday

Sassy Little Miss E is turning 3 in just over a month. It seems like just yesterday we brought her tiny little self home from the hospital and here she is, talking, counting and being so so very mouthy. This girl knows what she wants!

As I never blogged her previous birthdays I thought I would. I take a lot of pride in making most things myself, my mum says I took after my dad and his personality of doing everything as cheap as possible but in all honestly it is something I truly enjoy. I love crafting.

For her first birthday Little Miss E had a Bumble Bee theme. Choosing a theme is always the first step in my little party planning. I tried choosing something easy to color coordinate. Step 2 is to take her photos and work on an invite on Photoshop.

Look at her sweet little face 🙂




Living away from family means that our parties are always just small get togethers with a couple of sweet friends and we decorate accordingly.




Bumble bee cake. It was a hit!




A look at how she had grown. Man they grown fast in the first year!

I painted some clothes pins to match the theme and used them to hang the photos:


My next post will cover her second birthday, in preparation for her third.

Thanks for reading 🙂